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Prasad and Divya Rao lead Sharon Seva based in Hyderabad, India. Their work in India has grown to be a network of networks of community organisations now spanning the country. 

Enlarj is privileged to have had a part to play in the development of this far-reaching work in India through the relationship between our Founding Director Phil Spence and Prasad Rao since 1985. 

Their Story

From the beginning of Sharon Seva the emphasis has been to train leaders, develop strategies and ultimately transform communities. Their medical camps, together with their education and feeding programs, have given thousands of families the opportunity to pursue a more prosperous future. Many graduates from the education program have completed tertiary education and built successful careers. Many graduates have also become contributors to these programs. The success of these strategies has attracted organisations from across the country, who now partner with Sharon Seva to replicate these and other programs through their community networks. 

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