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Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea, at a community called Kusambuk, we continue the legacy of Bob and Aileen Spence who founded the school and church in the early 1960's. Out from this base, many other schools and churches were established in the Saussia District. Today at Kusambuk the school provides prep, primary and high school education to Year 10. In the near future a Year 11 and 12 complex will be constructed. This will be followed by a Tertiary facility on the same campus.


Their Story

Where the Kusambuk school and church exists was originally the battlefield where two warring tribes used to meet and do battle. When the missionaries came, they engaged these two tribes in a "breaking of the spears" ceremony and brought about peace. Following this, Bob and Aileen Spence established the Kusambuk outpost building their own house, a large church complex, school classrooms and student accommodations. Many of the professional and influential people of the nation of Papua New Guinea are graduates of the Kusambuk School.

Bob and Aileen Spence returned to Australia following 20 years of service to Papua New Guinea, but their son, Phil Spence, has continued the relationship with this community with regular trips since 1992. 

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